IMG_2384For those that have never attended a religious camp, they are not quite sure what to expect. They may have heard from others in their religious community what these camps are about and are now ready to experience their benefits.

There are many different forms of activities that take place in this type of religious gathering and each of them have been designed to serve a purpose. One mandate that many of these types of camps put in place is encouraging attendees to develop new commitments.

It is not uncommon for some of those who are attending the camp setting to have become weak in their faith. There can be a lot of reasons for this. Perhaps in their home setting they have not formed friendships as yet with others who follow the same religion. Then maybe they are not getting the chance to attend church or weekly meetings. As a result of this they are not getting the opportunity to become strong in their faith. This may mean they are not able to make the commitments to their religion that would normally be common for those within this same faith. This can make an individual feel guilty and weak.

The religious camps allow individuals to take a rest from their normal daily routine and put their focus on their religion. As they begin to spiritually heal and become stronger, they are now able to start making commitments that they can implement into their daily lifestyle when returning home.

Something else that often sustains people once returning back to their daily routines is the wonderful memories that they can now rely on when times get tough for them. These are the memories of camp that will help to sustain them.

This type of experience often creates the desire to return to the religious camps on occasion to help continue building their faith.

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