HammondLagosReligion01Once you have made the decision to attend a religious camp you are most probably going to find that it was the right choice. These types of religous settings offer a lot of great experiences and many benefits. You will most likely find that the time passes quickly so you really want to make the most of it while you are there.

In general there will probably be an itinerary that has been put in place by the religious camp organizers. You will be expected to follow this but you should also find that you are given some substantial free time. This is time that you really want to make use of.


Be sure to use a portion of your free time just to relax. If possible find a spot where you can be by yourself and perhaps grab a few hours of sleep or just laying and relaxing. If you live a busy lifestyle like most people do your body needs some down time to heal and recover from your normal way of living.


Take the time to interact with other people at the camp that as yet you do not know. This way you get to enjoy the views of new people and also it gives you the chance to form some new friendships.

Family Time

If the religious camp that you are attending is a family camp then this is the ideal time for you to spend time on a one on one basis with your spouse and each of your kids. While you will want to include some play time with the kids make sure you set aside additional time to just converse with them. This is a golden opportunity to utilize some UN-interrupted time to find out where the kids are at in their lives.

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